Evangelist Rosie Wallace and the Choir of First Church of Love, Faith and Deliverance Wake Up In Glory Savoy MG- 14106

Dorothy Norwood & the Combined Choirs of Atlanta, GA The Bell Didn’t Toll Savoy MG-14107

The Gospel Clefs The Precious Name Savoy MG-14108

Bill Moss and the Celestials God Has Been So Good Savoy MG-14109

The Jewel Gospel Singers Let’s Have Church Savoy MG-14110

Gospel Lords of Harmony If God Gave Us Everything We Need…We Wouldn’t Have Need To Pray Savoy MG-14111

The Epps Gospel Singers Just Try Jesus Savoy MG-14112

Dolores Barrett and the Barrett Sisters  I’ll Fly Away  MG-14114

The Harold Bailey Singers Lord, I’ll Go Savoy MG-14115

The Roberta Martin Singers He Has Done Great Things For Me Savoy MG-14119

Southwest Michigan State Choir with Mattie Moss Clark Salvation Is Free Savoy MG-14120

Rev. Cleophus Robinson How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By God Savoy MG-14121

The Golden Crowns of Charlotte, NC Have You Got Oil In Your Vessel Savoy MG-14123

The Angelic Choir Singing Songs of Faith and Inspiration  MG-14124

Dr. C.S. Johnson In An Old Time Song Service Savoy MG-14126

Dorothy Norwood He Will Never Let Go My Hand Savoy MG-14127

Harrison Smith Presents The Old Time Prayer Meeting Savoy MG-14128

The Gospel Lords of Harmony God’s Love Will Never Die Savoy MG-14129

The Magnificent Male Choir of Atlanta, GA At The Throne of Grace Savoy MG-14130

James Cleveland & the Cleveland Singers He Leadeth Me Savoy MG-14131

Bill Moss and the Celestials Make A Joyful Noise Unto The Lord  MG-14133                 

James Cleveland with the Angelic Choir Vol 6 The Grace of God MG-14134

Dr. C.J. Johnson Presents The Old Time Song Service Savoy MG-14135

Dr. William Hawkins A Contract With God Savoy MG-14136 (sermon)

Dolores Barrett and the Barrett Sisters Carry Me Back Savoy MG-14138

Rosie Wallace  No One But Jesus  MG-14139

Dorothy Norwood  A Mother Denied  MG-14140

The Harold Bailey Singers Adopted In The Royal Family Savoy-14141

Neopolitan Spiritual Church Choir He’s There Savoy MG-14142

The Famous Boyer Brothers Take Your Troubles To Jesus MG-14143

The Flying Clouds of Montgomery, Alabama The Sermon on the Mount Savoy MG-14144

The Sunrising Kings Ring Out The Name of Jesus Savoy MG-14145

The Roberta Martin Singers One Step Away Savoy MG-14147

The Howard Lemon Singers of Detroit, Mich. Use What You Have For God Savoy MG-14149

The Southwest Michigan State Choir  A City Called Heaven  MG-14151

The Morning Stars of Savannah The Adopted Child Savoy MG-14152

Majestic Male Choir The Time Is Now Savoy MG-14154

The Famous Boyer Brothers Step By Step Savoy MG-14155

Dr. C.J. Johnson Presents The Old Time Song Service Savoy MG-14156

Dorothy Norwood & the Combined Choirs of Atlanta Georgia The Soldier From Viet Nam Savoy MG-14157

The Gospel Lords of Harmony Grant Me This Day Savoy MG-14158

Prof. Herman Stevens The Poet Of The Gospel Organ Plays Your Favorite Hymns  Savoy 14160

The Jewel Gospel Singers  I Know The Lord Will Make A Way  MG-14161

Bill Moss and the Celestials My Child Came Home Savoy MG 14162

Rev. Charles Watkins and the Pentecostal Singers The Lost Sheep Savoy MG-14164

United Singing Bibleway Church Savoy 14170

The Morning Stars of Savannah, GA This Train Savoy MG-14174

Dorothy Norwood & Combined Choirs of Baltimore, MD The Singing Slave Savoy MG-14175